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Lead Generation + Customer Engagement & Retention

Both need to be part of your business in order for it to thrive. The sad fact is, many businesses concentrate their time and effort (and money) solely on lead generation because more customers equals more sales and revenue – right?

We know from experience that a business that isn’t set up to deal with more website traffic or increased enquiries isn’t ready to receive them. For that reason, we ensure that our clients aren’t just getting leads to their website or sales team but they are optimised to convert them into life long customers as well.

We are Shout Blue and we are Lead Generation and Client Retention Specialists.

Lead Generation and Client Retention are our areas of expertise


Lead Generation can be a complex game but is vital for businesses to succeed. Most agencies will provide a lead generation service for their clients but more often than not they can be costly, provide poor quality unqualified leads and often they provide little or no customer follow up. We wouldn’t be happy to pay for a service like that, and neither should you!

At Shout Blue we don’t just concentrate on bringing half cooked leads to the table, we ensure that they arrive to your sales team, hot & fresh, just like you should expect.

We are able to do this by ensuring that every potential customer that we generate from our Marketing Campaigns is engaged and qualified prior to them being passed onto our clients. This results in saving their sales teams, time, money and hassle whilst most importantly, freeing them up to do what they do best – selling products and services.

Every lead that we acquire for our clients go through the same process: Lead Generation | Qualification | Nurture | Retention

We have many years of Digital Marketing experience and we use a number of different platforms and tools that enable us to Market your business and attract customers. We combine many of these strategies together for client campaigns depending on the objectives and budget. This enables us to offer a more complete service and achieve top level results at a price point that works best for our clients.

You can check out a number of the more popular strategies that we use for Lead Generation below:

How we Generate Leads


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Our Elite Leads software system, is a powerful prospecting tool that uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology to help you find and qualify ideal clients. By leveraging personalised, automated conversations, Elite Leads enables you to generate more leads with less effort, time, and cost. In other words, it’s a game changing strategy for business growth. With Elite Leads, you can streamline your sales process and focus on what you do best – providing your customers with exceptional products or services. Our Elite Leads software is available exclusively to our Business Amplifier Clients – to learn more, just click here.

Sales Page/ Funnel Creation

Get your Sales served with a dash of strategy and watch them explode. We’ll sit down and create the ultimate sales funnel with you and your team. We will then implement and manage a customer focused campaign, bringing home the kind of results that your business deserves.

AI & Automated Campaigns

As part of our Business Amplifier service we build out entire automated funnels which nurture all leads into sales calls or shop customers, with zero input from your sales people or staff.  This method is very popular with our clients and SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Email Marketing

Specialising in designing direct Email campaigns that convert. As part of a Marketing Strategy we can collect email addresses for potential customers and create a ‘tried & tested’ fully automated email sequence that can be selling your products or services whilst you concentrate on other things.

ENGAGE your audience


The best way to avoid missing out on leads is following up with them automatically. That’s what our specialist Shout Blue software does for you. If you enjoy working one-on-one with clients, but struggle with the time and work involved when it comes to communicating online, then our Lead Nurturing Services are perfect for you!

Our Business Amplifier software which is included with all of our client services, allows you to build a trusting relationship with your customers over time and increase referrals based on contact frequency. Start getting the extra lead information and intelligence that was never available before now.

Think about it, have you ever lost a customer who you know had expressed interest in doing business with your company?

With our Business Amplifier service, we’ll engage even the most hesitant leads to make it easy on you. Our system takes care of everything ahead and after the sales call. We connect potential customers – via SMS, email, voicemail drops, Facebook and Google My Business messaging – making sure they never miss your communications again.

To learn more about The Shout Blue Business Amplifier Service and how to sign up, CLICK HERE


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Why we are different

– We are NOT another “Digital Marketing” Agency
We’re much more than that! If you are looking for us to “do some social media content to get more likes” unfortunately, that’s not us.
If you’re looking to build your business, convert more leads, build better customer relationships and create head turning campaigns and customer communications that your clients will love you for… then you are exactly the type of business that we want to work with.

– We provide you with the tools you need to grow your business
Our Business Amplifier specialist software allows our clients to take the reins of their own business marketing and client relationship management. This allows them to turn potential leads into engaged and happy customers all from the dashboard of their very own custom built desktop and mobile app.

– We love to create
Creativity is king, originality is its throne and we hold the keys to the kingdom. In short, creating exciting, head turning and original campaigns are why we do what we do. If you want your brand to stand out above the competition and give your customers something positive to talk about, then it’s time to Shout Blue.

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