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A business website is essentially a digital handshake with your customers. More often than not a website can be the first touchpoint with future clients and for many businesses it’s the main method of lead generation as well as being their biggest line of income.
In 2019, 99% of people between the ages of 16 and 44 were classified as ‘recent internet users’ in the UK. In the States, 90% of the entire population use the internet.
Whether, you want to sell products online, capture leads for in house services or simply to build your brand visibility, the fact is, a good online presence can be critical to your success.

We can help you with this…

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At Shout Blue we offer the three main web design services, all of which are built around our special ABC Blueprint. We believe that all customer facing digital properties must be:

  • Aesthetically pleasing – Good design is key, if your media looks bad, then so does your business.
  • Brand focused – Your brand is your story and your website needs to be able to tell it.
  • Clear communication – This is about your sales message and the results that you want to achieve from visitors on your site.

Our web design services consist of the following:

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1. Website Design

Whether it’s taking your business online with a complete build or an overdue refresh for your current website, our team will be able to supply you with a custom designed and digitally optimised website which will provide a unique centrepiece for your business.
Below you can see an example of a website that we built for one of our clients, IN2 Engineering, a large MEP Construction Design company with offices throughout the UK and Ireland.
The brief was to rebuild their website from scratch including specific pages including: a blog, careers, projects and services, contact, about and of course a fresh and dynamic home page. We also had to keep our work inline with their current branding and design guidelines. It was a large project and took a couple of months to complete the 79 pages as well as optimising for SEO, Social Media, and online performance and making sure that the site was completely secure.
Check out some screenshots below or visit it at

IN2 Home Screen RS
JPF CS Screen 12
IN2 cs logo transF
IN2 BIM Screen RS
JPF CS Screen 13

2. Ecommerce &
Membership Sites

E-commerce stores have been increasing in numbers dramatically over the past few years as more businesses realise that they can successfully sell their products and services online. From Breweries to Butchers, Craft shops to Clothes stores or Hairdressers to Garden Centres, it is possible to set up an online store to sell your services and take advantage of the retail opportunities and global reach that the internet provides.
Memberships sites are also seeing a huge rise in numbers for businesses that offer services or products that can be utilised outside of a bricks and mortar buildings. Fitness Trainers, Yoga groups, Cookery classes and Craft lessons are only some of the businesses that are creating online memberships, providing digital products and better serving their clients 24/7.
Below you can see screenshots from one of our clients, Jossiepops Fitness. We built a paid membership site for his Personal Training business allowing him to set up his ‘Sexy in 6’ online course and earn passive income as people could sign up, pay for and access their training remotely. This coupled with digital advertising campaigns and a ‘members only’ Facebook group meant that we could increase income and build a community for his business which has since led to future sales and an increasing lifetime value for his customer base.
We offer fully optimised E-commerce and Membership solutions for our clients and can have these designed, built, optimised and earning you money within weeks. Just click the button below and book a time slot where we can discuss if this will be a viable option for your business and just what we can offer you.

With over 82% of households in the UK making online purchases in 2019, the question is, can you really afford not to offer your goods and services online?

SB Open sign 10
SIS Screenshots RS
JPF cs logo trans
Ecom SB 3

3. Landing Pages

If you’re running a marketing campaign whether it’s with the intention of generating leads or selling your products online, you will want to set up a sales funnel and utilise a Landing page for your offer. This is where you will drive traffic, collect leads through cookies or email opt ins and then potentially retarget visitors and convert sales. We have created many different Lead/Sales pages in our time and know what is needed to make them convert.
Referencing the example above, check out the page we created for Jossiepops Fitness here which was used to sell his Sexy in 6 course. This formed part of a full social media campaign and succeeded in achieving 645% return on total ad spend.

For full Sales Funnels and Marketing Campaigns or simply a product/service landing page, schedule a call by clicking the button at the bottom of the page so we can discuss what will work best for your business.

JPF CS Screen 2
Custom Web RS
Wear exp CS Screen 1

Along with the services above, we offer all of the following on our custom built Websites:

  • Bespoke Design

  • Content Management Systems

  • Performance Optimisation

  • Secure Website Certification

  • SEO Optimisation

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Cookie and Privacy Policies

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Google Registration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Mobile Optimisation

  • Security and Firewall Protection

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As we write this paragraph during the global Covid-19 pandemic, it would be easy to refer to such overused terms as ‘unprecedented situation’ and ‘during these times of uncertainty’, the fact is, we are all suffering changes to our businesses and are very aware of how the current crisis is affecting our bottom line.
Although we may view these as hard times, they do offer the potential for positive changes to both processes and sales. 
Whilst some people think that everything will go back to normal in a few months, this global situation may in fact change the way that we do business forever.
 Put simply, the world has been forced to operate behind closed doors and explore the opportunities of doing business online. Now more than ever, having a professional website should be your primary focus.
We specialise in all aspects of Digital Marketing and this includes, website design and development. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, we can have a fully operational website up and running from within 2 weeks meaning that you will have a new digital business not just for the next few months, but for many years to come.

To talk to us in more detail about your requirements and to get a quote just click this button and set up a time that suits you to have a chat.

We look forward to helping you move your business forward.

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