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Jossiepops Fitness - Detailed Analysis

A follow up to the Jossiepops Fitness case study. This section gives a deeper analysis of the Case Study.


What services were agreed in the Client Briefing

Our services to Jossiepops Fitness consisted of 3 main pillars:

– Building a Membership site and the ‘Sexy in 6’ Fitness course

– Creating a Sales Page and Sales Funnel

– Launching the course with an agreed ad spend on Facebook and Instagram.

The Membership Site and ‘Sexy in 6’ Course.

Johnny (Jossiepops Fitness CEO) was great to work with. He already had a good idea of how he wanted to position the course, so we worked with him to design a Membership Site that would complement his vision.
We were able to put together a course using the videos and workouts that he supplied to us and he now has a platform to release future courses and memberships on, should he decide to do so in the future.

The ‘Sexy in 6’ Sales Page

We wanted to design the Sales page in keeping with strong vibrancy of the Jossiepops brand. Young, Fun, Passionate yet Professional were key components of the page.

It was important that we could educate the potential customer on the many good benefits of the course but for cold traffic we also understood the need to sell them Johnny as well. We were able to include an excellent brand video to tell his background story but without taking away from the product promotion.

As this was going to be launched on Black Friday I used a few cues to emphasis scarcity of sale but without making it a hard sell that might frustrate potential customers.

I was pleased that we got the balance right and it converted well.

The Sales Funnels

This launch was planned for Black Friday weekend which didn’t give us much time to build a relationship with a cold audience so we decided to split the Launch into two parts:

– We would run a initial soft prelaunch to people who were already engaged with the Jossiepops brand.

– Then we would use successful creatives, copy and strategies developed from that to develop lookalike and Interest based cold audiences specifically over the Black Friday weekend.


Funnel 1 – Warm Traffic.

1. On Friday 16th November, we began the campaign with a Pay Per Engagement ad (one on FB and one on Instagram). This would keep the costs down and it was targeting warm leads – in this case, people who have engaged with Jossiepops Fitness FB page over the past 90 days. The video was kept under a minute and was the same preview video of Johnny talking as we featured on the Sales Page (see ad 1.1 in the ads section below).

2. On Sunday 18th, we retargeted people from both Instagram and Facebook who had watched 3 seconds of the video in ad 1. This new ad was another video where Johnny personally invited the watcher to click the button on the add to get sent 20% discount and notification of when we would launch ‘Sexy in 6’. The button would then subscribe them to our Messenger Bot meaning we could reengage them at minimal cost and improve our engagement for future communications.

3. We rolled out a soft pre-launch on Tuesday 20th releasing the product early to our Messenger Bot subscribers. We knew they were hot leads and we achieved a number of sales using this strategy.

4. Following the official launch we then retargeted this group (90 days engagement) again but this time we split them into two different ad sets Male and Female. This meant that we could adapt our ads accordingly to be more relevant and engaging to each group. These ran until Sunday and pushed the 20% Black Friday Discount.

5. We finished the campaign with a short recorded video of the client talking a little bit about the product USP’s and also emphasising that the 20% discount ends today and adding a little bit of scarcity to the mix. This retargeted everyone who had viewed 3 seconds of the previous videos.

Funnel 2 – Cold Traffic.

1. On Thursday 22nd November, we started targeting a cold audience. We began on the Thursday night ahead of Black Friday and we had two main target audiences. Due to the limited historical pixel data and the very little amount of time we had to test audiences, this was going to be a difficult campaign to predict. First of all we set up a Lookalike audience but due to the limited pixel data, this was based on Facebook followers. The second group was based on interests that we found relevant to the offer after a period of key market and competitor research. It is worth noting that due to the limited budget that we had in place for the weekend we only targeted woman for cold traffic as our research leaned more towards this cold audience to achieve the results we were looking for. The offer of 20% Discount code over the Black Friday weekend was the hook in all of our Cold Traffic campaigns (see ad creatives below for examples).

2. As per the warm audience in Funnel 1, on Sunday 25th, we ended the launch by retargeting both of the cold audience adsets on 3 sec video views on the previous ad using the same video from the client.


Ad Creatives

Jossiepops Fitness whilst relatively new to the market, has a very strong and engaging brand. It was obvious that we wanted to use the engaging style of the clients brand message in our creatives. What was also important however, was to be able to introduce the brand to a new and cold audience who will not have come across it before.

We knew we had a great product and were working with an excellent brand with an already engaged following. Using the excitement and purchasing potential of Black Friday, along with a good hook in the form of 20% discount, I was happy that the adverts would achieve a great level of interest…


Ad 1: PPE Ad to Warm Traffic

Ad 2: Warm Traffic Retarget with Message Bot link

Ad 3: Final Day Video – Warm and Cold Audiences

Ad 4: Warm and Cold Audiences – Female only

Ad 5: Warm and Cold Audiences – Male only


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